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There Was An Absolute Delco Vs. South Philly BRAWL In Wildwood

Reader Email: Wildwood Brawl

This deserves to be seen bunch of Delco kids vs south philly kids in wildwood about 30 on 30 (of course Delco won)


Delco vs. South Philly: May The More Pretend Tough Guys Lose. Talk about the stars of Philadelphia degenerates aligning up perfectly in Wildwood, no less. Props to them for at least deciding on a neutral playing field. It’s kind of like if the Jets vs. the Sharks in West Side Story duked it out in a dumpster, and with 1000x more tattoos, unemployment, and outstanding warrants. And just to give the Delcoians and South Philadelphians a head’s up, I’m 100% kidding. There’s zero chance I’m talking serious shit on anyone who sparks a Royal Rumble over whose grandmother makes better gravy (or most likely a pill deal gone bad or someone’s girl/sister sleeping with the enemy). Those were some angry, heavy, and shirtless haymakers being thrown in that pit. Lotta cargo shorts, too. These are the types of guys who have nothing to lose. The admissions office at Delco Community College and/or that local dive in East Passyunk looking for a barback isn’t calling anytime soon. And I know the emailer said Delco “won” but in the end with these crews, nobody wins.