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Watch Three Girls Decide Whether Or Not Their Bodies Could Fit In The Back Of A Trunk

YESSSS Youtube already!! Normally it takes us a few days to get these on Youtube but we've got EXPERTS behind the scenes cranking it out on the episode drop day. Fantastic.

I personally think watching the Youtube is more fun, so give it a try! Here's our episode description for a little flavor:

Episode 3 is c*nts, cannibalism, and conspiracies. Why is the word c*nt so offensive? When did you first learn the word c*nt? What makes a c*nt? We answer all those questions while also diving into the topic of cannibalism and multiple conspiracies including Princess Diana, The Denver airport, the Illuminati, JonBenét Ramsey, Hellen Keller, Mattress Firms, and Walt Disney. Plus a Wolf of Wall Street table read that will blow your mind.