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Julian Edelman Told PMT He's 'Not There Yet' on Retirement

Jim Rogash. Getty Images.

A week and a half or so ago, Julian Edelman fired off this vagueTwitter reply to a Patriots fan account:

And the vaguely past tense of it sent Patriots fans into panicky convulsions of worry over it. When the guy who finished fourth on your roster in receiving yards despite the fact he only appeared in six games so much as comes within a thousand miles of the Oort Cloud surrounding talk of retirement, it's enough to send an already anxious fan base into epileptic fits. Even some of the most calm, rational, intelligent, talented and sexiest ones who wrote things like

[T]hese cryptic, unintelligible messages always have the same, basic meaning: 

"I'm leaving." 

They can say it many times, many ways. But that is always the gist. They're gone. … That these guys are done in New England. All roads lead to that conclusion now. It's the way Patriots legends leave. 

So until we're told otherwise, that's my assumption and I'm sticking with it.

So it was important for the mental, emotional and physical health of everyone in New England that Edelman go on the newest Pardon My Take and elaborate:

PMT: Can we get you to reconsider your retirement from football?

Edelman: You guys are nuts. What are you talking about?

PMT: We don’t want you to retire! We don’t want you to retire!

Edelman: What are you talking about?

PMT: You’re not retiring, correct?

Edelman: We’re being a dad right now, and we’re sitting back, and we’re training, getting our body ready for the next year. It’s a time to get away from football right now. This long crazy year.

Well OK then. While that wasn't a firm denial, and the first person plural pronoun usage was a little oddly regal, like "We are not amused," I'll take it. He said Big Cat and PFT are "nuts" for even asking the question. He didn't understand what they were even getting at. And he's getting his - "our" - body ready for next year. That definitely does not sound like the words of a man who's planning to start collecting his pension, going fishing more, reading novels and finally building that spice rack he's been promising mom all these years. Those are the words of a man who's … getting ready for next year. 

So we can relax. Ish. I mean, at this point who's to say he's not going to ask for a trade to Tampa and this time next year he'll be getting ready for the NFC championship game and already have broken Jerry Rice's playoff receptions record. Based on how the the last 12 months have gone, who could blame us for thinking that way. But let's freak out about one thing at a time. For now, all we know is Julian Edelman plans to keep playing. 

And, hopefully, keep posting. We need him to stay on the job doing both. Because no one is better at them. He's like the gold medal Biathlete when it comes to football and memeing.