"Hey Zach, Look As Creepy As Humanly Possible While Kissing The Claret Jug. Nice, You Nailed It"

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Zach continuing to do Zach things after his win at St. Andrews.  The hair, the oven mitts, the sunglasses in cloudy weather and now the creepiest trophy kiss of all time.  Luckily for him none of that matters.  None of it.  Winning cures all.  Did he still wake up this morning with a giant bald spot and that creepy picture of him circulating on the internet?  Sure did.  But he also woke up next to one of the most historic trophies in sports so its all good.  For a guy who is absolutely rich enough to buy himself some hair I commend Zach for just rolling with the hand he was dealt.  Its worked out pretty well so far.


Flow for days


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h/t zac