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Draymond Green Just Got Ejected For Yelling At A Teammate

I'm sorry, what the hell did I just watch? This might be the worst blown call I've ever seen and I just watched Joel Embiid take 21 free throws. I'm to believe Draymond Green was talking to his teammate here correct? He's been mentoring James Wiseman all season and was just doing a little on the job training. Some might even call that leadership. A championship veteran investing in the future of the franchise. Now you can't even say "fuck that" to a teammate while playing the game? Sick league Adam Silver, what the hell are you doing. You are ruining this great product. This game has been awesome so far, now the Warriors are without one of their most important players because....he said fuck? Yikes. There are not enough make up calls on the planet to make up for what this ref did. What an idiot.

I can't wait until the postgame interview. Draymond is going to earn every single penny of his pending fine and it will be money well spent. I'm praying for a top 10 rant. Give us some vintage angry Draymond, that's what the people want.