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Never A Good Day When A Bird Up And Steals The Joint You're Smoking



Good news/bad news situation for those guys.  The bad news is the bird up and stole their joint so they no longer have a joint to smoke.  That sucks.  Bird snatched it right outta their hands when their guard was down and flew away.  Lulled them to sleep while the one guy was taking a selifie.  Classic.  That’s a bad day.  The good news is they got it on video so people will actually believe them when they say they were smoking a joint and a bird stole it.  Because anybody who has ever smoked has had those instances where you say, “Is this really happening right now or am I just too high to understand what normal circumstances are?”  It’s happened to me countless times.  Something weird happens while you’re high as fuck and you can’t quite grasp if you weren’t high if it would be as weird as you think it is in the moment.  Well these guys can rest easy knowing that a bird snatching your joint and flying away with it is crazy to both high and non-high people.  And these guys have proof it happened which is a win.  Not a big enough win to make up for the lost joint but it’s something at least.