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This "Worlds Most Evil Invention" Sketch Is One Of The Funniest SNL Skits I've Ever Seen

That's a 10/10 right there, folks!

This is obviously an older sketch, from 2017 I believe, but I'd never seen it and it was on the front page of reddit today, where it was declared "SNL's darkest sketch ever." Now, I don't know about all that, I don't have a wealth of knowledge about SNL's library, but this is fucking gold. 

Honestly, it might be The Rock's finest acting job of all time. He was Oscar worthy in Fast Five, fantastic in San Andreas, breathtaking in Skyscraper, and laugh out loud funny in Central Intelligence and both Jumanjis. I love The Rock. I'm a Rock Guy. Yet here I am saying that a four minute sketch is his finest hour. I mean when he says "that's gotta be where the goal posts are, am I crazy?" is simply delivered without flaw. Or explaining that in order to have a child molesting robot you need to build a regular robot then molest it and hope it continues the cycle? Gold, Dwayne. Gold.