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Ovi Gave The Most Perfect Apology For Breaking Covid Protocols


As we found out last night, the Caps organization was fined $100,000 for violating Covid protocols. What did they do wrong? Did they go get bottle service at an underground Russian disco in Buffalo? Did they all go to Primanti Brothers to try an overrated sandwich while in Pittsburgh? Did they...*gasp*...sit in a hotel room and hang out together after a game? Oh god, is that what they did???? Oh FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!



Look, I understand the rules are in place for a reason. And I respect that. But common sense should apply too. These guys are sweating in locker rooms together, sitting on the bench together, hugging after goals together, is it really that bad for them to load up on their Russian Gas together?

Thankfully, Ovi is remorseful.



I love it. It's like he has seen every athlete apology message from the last decade and was so excited to do his own. 

Unfortunately now the NHL has to do contact tracing and all of that. I hope this doesn't mean the Russians have to miss a game. There just aren't enough games in the season for them to sit out, regardless of if they were technically wrong or not. 

And by the way, who narced??? I didn't see anything on social media. I bet it was Malkin. He's always crying about shit, he hates Kuzy, and is all around just screams "big narc" in every way. My money is on him.


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