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Could Carson Wentz Block Duce Staley From The HC Job Because The RB Coach Didn't Like How The Eagles Babied The QB?

PHILLY INQ - As for Staley, the Eagles curiously continue to regard him as little more than a last resort. He is loved and respected by the players, and would bring some much needed tough love back to a locker room that had started to take advantage of Pederson, who let them get away with “too much stuff that the public never heard about,” according to one team source. According to another team source, Staley didn’t much care for the way the organization babied Wentz. Lurie and Roseman both may be concerned that if Staley was the head coach, any chance of straightening out Wentz would go out the window. “It works against him because he wouldn’t let Carson get away with the things he’s been able to get away with,” the source said. “And Carson knows that. So, if Carson is part of the conversation, then that may not work in Duce’s favor either.”

Nice! Carson Wentz last season only had one of the worst regressions in the history of sports. So, yeah, let's maybe (definitely) take his input when deciding the future of the franchise...sounds fun! For sure no dysfunction with this franchise!  Nope!

Whatever. Duce, no Duce, when it's all said and done - THIS: 

It's also being reported the Eagles first offered the job to Lincoln Riley who prompted laughed in their face. And why wouldn't he? Nobody of real note wants to be under this Lurie and Roseman dictatorship. It's actually embarrassing. The only ones who would actually take the job are people NOBODY around the NFL is looking at for a HC - Colts OC Nick Sirianni, Josh McDaniels, and...Duce. 

Duce Staley is getting railroaded, again, by this Eagles franchise who clearly only consider him as a RB coach. It's clear as day they don't value him as anything else. However, we said it perfectly on First Time, Long Time this week, why not just throw Duce a bone at this point? The players like and respect him. He knows football, Philly, and how things are done here. It's not like they're going to win this year. Or the next. Put Duce in and let him spin and at the very least make things rootable this season and have him show other teams he can be more than a RB coach in the NFL. And who knows? The Eagles won a freaking SB with Douglas Goshdarn Pederson. So why the hell not?