Joel Embiid Does Not Flail Around Out There, He's Just Significantly Smarter Than You

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

People have been bitching and moaning about how often Joel Embiid gets to the foul line for a while now. And never do these idiots ever just once offer up the easiest solution of all of them to curb how many free throws Embiid takes a game. 

Simply do not foul Joel Embiid. I know that may seem like a radical idea or something but I promise you that Embiid can't rack up points from the foul line if he's not getting fouled out there. And sure, some fouls might be a little softer than others. But Joel Embiid is smarter than you. He has more basketball IQ than you. He has better situational awareness than you. So while you may not foul Joel Embiid on purpose, he's going to make you foul him. In the words of the late great philosopher Happy Gilmore, "shouldn't have been standing there". He's just too much man. 

You'd just hope that one day teams will figure out how to guard Embiid without having to resort to blaming the refs. We're not there yet. Oh well. In the words of the late great philosopher Happy Gilmore's Hockey Coach, "better luck next year". 

Sidenote: No Embiid or Simmons on the floor. This was hot.