Get Your Sauce Castillo Shirts While They're Flaming Hot!



Yes, we know one of our newest Sixers was acquired from the Kings weeks ago. The t-shirt guys were a little backed up because, hell, it’s Summer and we all gotta live life, but our Nik Stauskas/Sauce Castillo shirts have finally hit the streets. I still don’t know if that nickname is considered racist, and I don’t care. It’s pure Canadian FIRE. The 2014 8th overall pick never looked so hot.


PS – The “Made In U.S.A.” is getting changed to “Made In Canada” as we speak and will be that way on the shirts. Amateur hour is over.

PPS – We are REALLY ramming up our Philly t-shirt game these next couple wks. Something that we should have done long ago, but now we got the green light. Be prepared.