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DraftKings $500k MLB Sweet Spot Contest Is Here And You Have The Chance To Win $100,000

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You know what will turn a bad day right around?  $100,000 in your pocket.  That’s war DraftKings and their MLB $500k Sweet Spot contest is offering you.  It’s simple.  $20 to enter.  $500,000 in total prizes and 1st places takes home a cool 6 figures.   Why wouldn’t you do it?  We’re in that weird part of the year where not a tons is going on so you might as well enter.  Do it!


Contest Details:
-MLB $500K Sweet Spot
-$500,000 in total prizes, 1st place takes home $100,000
-Top 5870 place win cash, $20 to enter
-Supposed to be a rainy day in the northeast, but you could make that a little brighter by winning $100K cash. Pick 10 players from Tuesday’s mLB games for a chance to win.