How Bout The Angels Using A Police Helicopter To Dry The Outfield?

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I fucking hate these Southern California people. “Oh we’re not going to install a drainage system at our ballpark because it’s 75 and sunny every day. Did you know that? Lovely weather in California. Never rains. Always awesome. Shorts and a tshirt is all I wear everyday. Hey did I mention that it’s 75 and sunny all the time?” Well don’t you guys look foolish now? Buncha morons too stupid to make an outdoor field that can handle water so now you’ve gotta beg the police to borrow their chopper and go around using it like a big blow dryer. Yeah I get that it’s only one day, but I still get a lot of joy out of their lives being turned upside down by a little inclement weather, like when places like Atlanta get an inch of snow and have to shut down for days. It’s a little rain you pussies. Just go play baseball, you’re not gonna drown in it.