Michael Chiesa Grinds Down Neil Magny With NASTY Grappling For A Win In This Evening's Main Event

I'll be honest, that's pretty much EXACTLY how I expected that fight to go stylistically - I just expected Michael Chiesa would be spending the whole fight on HIS back, not the opposite. Every strength I thought Magny would have the edge on, Chiesa had the edge on. From the grappling, to his strength, to the transitions, to the clinch - he was just simply the better fighter in there on every level tonight. Incredibly impressive performance.

Fucking INSANE to imagine that guy ever making 155lbs at this point, considering he's now overpowering natural welterweights handily....

Seems the jump in weight has paid off tenfold, though, because for the first time in many, many years - it feels like Michael Chiesa could actually be in the mix for a title shot?! I mean, obviously he probably has a couple more wins to go, but this four-fight tear ain't nothing to scoff at - especially considering tonight was his first appearance in the octagon in almost a year following a knee injury!

Afterwards, Chiesa once again called out Colby Covington, shouting, "The election is over, and your schtick is done!" into the mic like an old school pro wrestler before storming out of the cage. That'd be a great fight, but I have no idea what Colby's plans are - I know the Masvidal fight was discussed in late 2020 but those talks may have run dry. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

P.S. Apologies to anybody who listened to my dumbass and took Magny by DEC. Judges screwed us. I'll make up for it with the Conor via KO/TKO boost we're gonna offer this weekend on the Barstool Sportsbook.