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Let's Check Back in One Last Time with Babes for Trump on Instagram

Today, as we bear witness once again to the miracle of democracy, and celebrate America's quadrennial exercise in peaceful transition of power, it seems only fitting that we take one last look back at some of the people who have made the last four years some of the most fascinating in our nation's history. Babes for Trump 2020 2024. 

This has been one of the most fractious times since the Civil War. And fittingly, so much of the talk today has been about unity. About bringing a divided country together. And it's in that spirit that we take a bipartisan visit for the final time with these women that, while you may or may not agree with them politically, are American citizens just like you and me. Because if we are ever going to heal, it's going to take their bikini clad efforts as well. I think. 

Anyway, here are some of these young ladies, expressing their views on: 

The 2nd Amendment:


The environment:

The democratic process:

And a spirit of national unity to rally behind the incoming administration and move a fractured country forward:

OK, maybe not. 

But still, so long, Babes for Trump. It's been … entertaining. I'm not sure this how the Founders drew it up in 1776, but no one can say your IG page has been dull. I can't wait to see who you're backing in 2024 and how you choose to support them.