LeSean McCoy Seemed To Enjoy His Stay In Vegas This Weekend. Good For Him

So what did you do this weekend? Probably drank a bunch of beers with the fellas, tried to talk to a few girls here and there but ultimately ended up just talking to 5 slices of pizza at 3 in the morning? Same. But Shady’s weekend was a little more exciting than the average Joe Schmo’s because shady was getting *turnt* in Las Vegas with a bunch of beautiful women and really needed to make sure everyone sees how much fun said “turn up” was.

That’s the thing. LeSean McCoy is still that dude who is completely devastated after getting broken up with but still has to act like everything is all good. On the outside, sure, it’s all fun and games at the pool party in Vegas. “Hey everyone, look at me. Look at how much fun I’m having. The Philadelphia Who? Oh yeah, totally forgot all about those guys. Who needs ‘em anyway. Look at how much better my life is now without them…/begins to sob violently into a pillow because he realizes that there aren’t going to be any more pool parties in Buffalo once it’s -5 degrees out in October/”. I’d feel bad for the guy a little if he wasn’t such a dick slapping asshole ever since he got traded.

Quick Final Points:

1) Love him or hate him, I’m a big time fan of Shady’s hat.

2) Speaking of hats, I’m very interested to know what that “On Fleek” chick looks like without that hat on. I’d like to kiss her face.

3) Think DeMarco is out partying in Vegas right now? Hell no. Culture wins football.