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The Ottawa Senators Nicknamed Their New German Stud "Jimmy"

Nickname origin stories are always interesting. Sometimes it's just one bastardization after another and explaining it is confusing. Other times it's just a college sex story that takes on a life of its own. Or perhaps you share a last name with the best tasting pickle I ever heard and they call you 'Pickles'. 

Then there's this. The Ottawa Senators basically have a highly-skilled foreign exchange student for the next several years in German stud Tim Stützle so his teammates slapped a "Jimmy" on him. So simple yet so perfect. 

Just like, "you're Jimmy going forward" and so it shall be. This is way better than just adding and 'er' or 'sie' to somebody's last name. Those nicknames lack creativity and are kind of lame if we're being honest. If I ever end up a crafty NHL veteran in another life, I'm definitely doling out quality team nicknames instead of just adding letters.

Check out the entire podcast below...