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It's Over: Life-Sized Cardboard Cut Out Of Ana de Armas Placed In Trash Outside Ben Affleck's House

Yesterday, shocking news hit the gossip world. It wasn't really that shocking, I bet most of the world didn't know they were even dating, but it nonetheless dominated social media. Hubbs covered the inside details here

If there was any doubt there split was for real, Ben Affleck confirmed it via his trash today:

Not even leaving the door open for a return....guess you could say they didn't end on good terms, which is a shame considering the memes about them were just getting good:

Having a life-sized cut out of your girlfriend is a bit weird for normal people, but when it's Ana de Armas? Kind of makes sense to remind yourself whenever you can that you are dating one of the hottest females on earth. 

I do wonder how the breakup went. I imagine a legit fight over whatever made them break up, but Ana storming out only to brashly turn around right before exiting to say "and by the way, I fucking HATE Dunkin. It sucks. I'll never have it again."