Supercut Of All The Keith Hernandez Misery From Yesterday's 18 Inning Game


They missed a couple of the best ones:



If you were following me on Twitter or reading the blog yesterday, I was rewinding and posting vines of Keith Hernandez during yesterday’s DISGRACEFUL 18 inning Mets vs Cards game. It was a Hall of Fame Performance by him. I thought he was going to jump out of the booth right then and there and kill himself. At the very least I thought he was going to walk out at the 16th inning and be like “Fuck this team! I cant talk about these nobodies anymore.” Well this is the super cut of all those moments, and it is fantastic. You just dont get this coming from pro broadcasters these days.

Its not even homerism. Yea, you know hes pulling for the Mets but he’ll tell it like it is too. Team sucks, game sucks, I’m not gonna sit here painting you a picture of anything other than that. For that reason right there – all the groans and sighs and jokes – is what makes him the best in the business. As honest a broadcaster as you can get, and the laughs that come on the side watching him call a game are just an extra bonus.