Liverpool Soccer Player Says He's Deathly Afraid Of Animals And Hasnt Touched His Own Dog In 7 Years - Daily Mail

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Source - The mere site of a koala bear sent Kolo Toure, the Ivorian, running off in terror, refusing to go anywhere near it, much to his team mates confusion. Asked about the incident, he said: “I’m not really a big fan of animals. “It wasn’t anything against koalas. I’ve had a dog at home for seven years and I’ve never even touched it. “I can look at animals but I can’t bring myself to touch them!”

How TF do you have a dog if you’re petrified of animals? I dont care if the wife and kids want one. If you have a fear of dogs you dont get a dog. Also if you have a fear of dogs you’re a weirdo and a pussy. Typical soccer player nonsense. Diving on the field and afraid of their own dogs – thats why soccer will never make it in America.

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