College Hoops Coaches Reveal Who Their Favorite Rappers Are

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Let’s turn this into a game. See how many coaches you can match up with their corresponding answer to the question: Who is your favorite rapper?

1) Tom Izzo

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2) Coach K

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3) Roy Williams

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4) John Calipari

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5) Jon Groce

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6) Lon Kruger

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A) “If I’m listening to anything, it’s Drake. That’s my guy.”
B) “I love music. Music’s one of my hobbies. I play music all the time. I play The Groove on Sirius XM in the car. Earth, Wind & Fire. The O’Jays.”
C) “You’re asking the wrong guy. Toby Keith is a big supporter of (our school), so let’s say Toby Keith.”
D) “It’s all fine to me. I just don’t like the language.”
E) “I don’t really pay any attention to it. I’m more of a Marvin Gaye fan.”
F) Tweets referencing Meek Mill and Kanye.

Take your time

Answer Key:

4-A (easiest one ever)

Coach K’s indirect answer by the way, taken from his Twitter feed:

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Best answer: Jon Groce. Be whiter dude. You literally can’t.

Runner up best answer: Lon Kruger. Toby Keith – greatest rapper alive.

Most surprising answer: Tom Izzo. Does not seem like the type of guy to mind some cursing, just judged on like 905 separate clips of him freaking out on the sidelines. Also seems way too hip to not have a favorite rapper.

Least surprising answer: Coach Cal. Sniff sniff…is there a jock around?

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