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College Coaches Need To Start Recruiting Me After This Grossly Athletic Tik Tok

Listen...Am I the best TikTok'er in the world? Probably not. I have no fucking clue how to use the app as of now. I'm trying to get better and will make that my mission to. But am I the best athlete in the world? After seeing that...I think the answer has to be yes. Look at those HOPS.

Do you think Michael Jordan could clear that fence? Doubt it. Mike Trout having any shot? Absolutely not. Don't even get me started on Michael Phelps. As you can see from the several attempts it simply takes a lot of heart, grit, and determination to clear that thing. As Chumbawamba says, if you get knocked you just gotta get back up again. Truly inspirational.

I will be discussing my skill in Verdansk right now with White Sox Dave. Please come join.