Nice Little Brawl Erupts After Lax Goalie Gets Truck Sticked Into Next Week


Not sure how closely most of you follow Junior B Box Lacrosse but I regretfully have to admit that I haven’t been keeping up to date as much as I’d like to. In a game between the New West Salmonbellies (ummm what?) and the Coquitlam Adanacs (ummm what?), this line brawl erupted after the Salmonbellies’ goalie got wham sauced in front of a sold out crowd of 23 people. Just an absolutely monstrous hit from Coquitlam’s Cody Garrison, and those are the types of hits we’ve come to expect from him all season long so far.

Seriously though, I don’t understand how Box Lacrosse hasn’t picked up in popularity yet. It’s just a bunch of crazy Canadians and Indians running around trying to kill each other with essentially no rules. It’s a reckless abandon and you get nothing but big time hits, non-stop brawls and some pretty filthy goals. It’s organized chaos at it’s finest and as you can tell from the guy filming this fight, it’s electric. Dude is fired up about some Junior B Box Lacrosse action and I’m right there with him.

“Shit. What do I film?” – Random Canadian Man (2015).

(h/t BarDown)

UPDATE: Looks like the brawls get infinitely better when you make the jump from Junior B to Junior A. This fight between Whitby and Orangeville (ever heard of ‘em?) is a brawl for the ages. SOMEBODY HIT SOMEBODY! (h/t Jimmy)

P.S. – The Wings getting relocated out of Philadelphia was such a sad moment in my life. Very few sporting events at the Wells Fargo Center were more fun to attend than a Wings game. Especially with the current state of affairs as a Philadelphia sports fan.