Just A Quick Reminder, Patrick Kane's Life Is Much Better Than Yours, Hops In DJ Booth At Rockit Over The Weekend





Is there an athlete out there that has it better than Patrick Kane right now? 26 years old, 3 Stanley Cups, huge contract about to kick in, and he owns the City of Chicago. I know the line has always been Gronk over Kane but I, and I don’t think I’m alone, have started to get a little bit of Gronk fatigue. Not saying he’s JJ Watt level, it’s just been a long off season of no football and that’s when football players suffer from overexposure. Kane on the other hand does everything that Gronk does but it’s on a lower radar because it’s hockey. That’s the life right there, that’s the number 1.



H/T Dante for the tip. Also if you’ve noticed the new music at Wrigley, that’s all Dante as well, putting the new jumbotron to good use.