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Conor McGregor Has Arrived On Fight Island

Let's. Fucking. Go.

After a brief journey over from Dubai on his private yacht....

Conor McGregor has officially arrived to the fighter hotel on Fight Island - shirtless, might I add, in a pair of designer pajama pants.

Khabib's still in Abu Dhabi, as well, to my knowledge, marking the first time these old rivals are in the same place at the same time since their fight, but according to Dana White, he'll be flying back to the United States before the McGregor/Poirier main event on Saturday.

As for me, I'm all outta sorts and nocturnal right now! As I had mentioned previously, McGregor's fight is still catered to US time zones, so I'm catering my sleep schedule to US time zones; I pretty much just woke up!

Here's a quick little tour of my room:

I should be allowed outside at some point tomorrow, after my second COVID-19 test since arriving on the island comes back negative. I feel bad for not having enough content out from here just yet, but I don't know how interesting videos featuring me sitting on a bed blogging between nose swabs would be!