Kevin Porter Jr. Is Going To Get Released Or Traded From The Cavs Because He Chucked A Bunch Of Food After They Gave His Locker To Taurean Prince

[Source] - Porter, 20, who has not played this season due to personal issues, grew angry when he entered the locker room and realized the team gave his old locker to Taurean Prince, who was acquired in a blockbuster trade Wednesday.

Sources said Porter, whose locker was moved to the wall where the younger, end-of-bench players reside, began yelling and at one point threw food.

Sources said general manager Koby Altman came into the locker room and confronted Porter, and the player remained combative with his boss. The Cavs spent the weekend trying to trade him.

Coach J.B. Bickerstaff heard the commotion in the locker room from his office and came in, shocked and disgusted by what he heard.

What the hell is it with the Cavs and people hurling food? Who could forget JR Smith and the soup incident? 

Now we have Kevin Porter Jr. getting all pissed off that they gave his locker to Taurean Prince and decided the best course of action is hurling food. Gotta say it's nature at this point. I've witnessed my son get pissed off at dinner and pick up a handful of spaghetti to throw at the wall. Only difference is my son is 1-years old. It's a pain in the ass to watch food get tossed. That's good food! Now imagine a professional athlete doing this in the locker room. He's gotta have an arm on him so that food was probably flying in the air. 

I also love how the Cavs say they are going to release or trade him. Uhh, way to negotiate guys! I'm sure teams will be lining up to offer something now when they can just sign him for the minimum instead. Expert trade negotiation there in Cleveland I tell ya. I actually thought Porter was going to be a decent pro. He has everything you want with the size, versatility and ability to score. But he got arrested this offseason, the Cavs were going to try and help him through it and although he hasn't played this year he's pissed his locker got changed. Sure, we hate change. Having your own locker is a thing - it's like having your own desk in the cube. You don't want to move. That's your space. But when you bring in someone, who you know, will play, shit happens. 

We gotta find out what food was thrown though. If it was locker room food I'm assuming it's something like burgers and pasta, things like that. You can really make a mess throwing that sort of stuff. Either way with the Cavs the more things change, the more they are still the Cavs. At least Cleveland has the Browns ... still sounds weird.