Drew Brees' Daughter Doing Cartwheels Off Of Her Brother Was The Best Part Of That Video With Tom Brady Hanging Out With The Brees Family After Yesterday's Game

Obviously Joey nailed it with the caption of this being straight out of a movie as did Nate in his blog about this being an all around cool moment. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks chopping it up one last time before Brees rides into the sunset and Brady heads to Lambeau in search of a little more immortality. You can almost hear the Friday Night Lights dramatic music playing in the background as Brady throws a touchdown pass to Brees' son before charming the family of his latest playoff victim before heading back to his picture perfect wife and kids.

Goddamn Tom Brady is so fucking cool

However the real star of the show is Rylen Brees doing cartwheels off of her brother's body as he lays on the ground. That is a move straight out of Street Fighter II. Chun Li vibes on a hundred thousand trillion. Shit, it may even be more aggressive than that since I think it's a Sonya Blade fatality moves from one of the Mortal Kombats. As athletic as it is vicious. When Brady says "Be nice to your sister" before leaving, he isn't saying that out of chivalry. He is saying it for Drew's son's safety. You do not want to upset Rylen or she will beat you up with form so good that even the Russian judge will have to give her a 10.

I remember when the outrage mob got upset that Brees didn't throw any footballs to Rylen in this innocent cute video.

Turns out Drew knows Rylen's football future is clearly on the defensive side of the ball where she will become the female version of DARREN SHARRRRPER, ONE OF THE HARDEST HITTING SAFETIES IN THE LEAGUE.

If we hear any whispers about Drew Brees looking to unretire in the next few months, it'll almost definitely be because he can't handle family life with a bunch of super energetic sons and an absolute Alpha Female bundling all of them. Welcome to the Thunderdome, Drew!

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