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TB12 Method: Week Two Recap

I'm through 14 days of the TB12 Method diet and I feel great. For anyone new, the reason I'm doing this is two-fold:

1) Do anything possible to get some good juju going for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers

2) Look better via diet and regular exercise

The facts are that the Bucs haven't lost while I'm on this diet and Tom Brady hasn't committed a turnover while I've been on the Method. Coincidence? Maybe, but it's the playoffs and there is no way I'm taking a chances.

In addition to the Bucs playoff success, I'm down 9.2 pounds in just 14 days! I'm combining this with 1k push-ups/week and at least 6 rides on the Peloton (can be subbed for just running outside or on a treadmill)/week.

Here is a the grocery list/approved foods for anyone curious:

It is a little more expensive because you're buying mainly organic foods and you have to allocate time to do meal prep, but I'd highly recommend this for anyone looking to get healthier. Here are some of my best creations from the past week:

I'll keep this going for as long as the Bucs are in the playoffs. Looking forward to #KeepGoing and seeing the final results which hopefully end with a ring.