Don’t Forget How Good Drew Brees Was During His Days At Purdue


I know everyone will forever remember the New Orleans' Saints version of Drew Brees but for my money I'm here for the original Black & Gold. The Joe Tiller spread offense that lead to 39 passing touchdowns his sophomore season. Long before the customary 11am battles for field position, it was all about fireworks in West Lafayette and Drew Brees fucking brought them. This is how you build the foundation for one of the all time great passing careers. On behalf of fellow former Big Ten athletes, Drew, thanks for such an outstanding career. You represented us so well on the big stage that it's almost uncomfortable to take credit for and share in your success. But I'll sure try anyways. 

Some other fun facts. Drew Brees has 4 of the top 6 passing seasons all time. He'll go down 2nd all time on the yardage list while retiring actively first. He lead the league in passing 7 times. Touchdowns 4 times. There's 13 Pro Bowls and 6 years of the #1 completion % league wide along with 53 career game winning drives. That's the 2nd best number ever. He's also got the 4th most starts of all time and probably most impressively, he's 28th right now in career rushing touchdowns. Drew Brees has been around long enough to check in on active rushing touchdown lists. That's a long fucking time. 

Really just an incredible career when you consider the Win Now mode of the NFL and just how difficult it would be for a guy to carry this career trajectory. Sure helps he was able to play alongside a great coach who was patient and smart enough to develop his skillset within an offensive scheme. Those Eastern guys sure know their football. 

Anyways congratulations to Drew Brees on a marvelous career. I'm sorry I thought Kurt Kitner was wayyyyyy better.