NFL Folks Believe Deshaun Watson Has Taken His Last Snap As A Member Of The Houston Texans



I don't blame Deshaun Watson for being pissed and wanting to get the fuck out of Houston. The Texans have been a joke of an organization since he arrived, fucking everything up. The Bill O'Brien era was highlighted by him trading DeAndre Hopkins for a Bed Bath and Beyond 30% off coupon, and the new VP of Football Operations Jack Easterby has done nothing but lie to Deshaun, making the franchise QB's anger level to go from a 2 to a 10.



What I don't want though is the NFL to become a joke like the NBA where players throw hissy fits until they are traded. It gets old after a while. But at the same time, I don't know, if you can leverage yourself into getting traded, I guess go for it? 

So if Deshaun wants out of Houston because they are a clown show of an organization, he should 100% be traded to a team that has their shit together, is run properly, and is in need of a QB- the Washington Football Team. As I wrote before, we are a Deshaun Watson away from a Super Bowl, no hat.



Plus just something for him to keep in mind, we have an opening not just at QB, but also for the team name. We'll name the whole team after him, no doubt about it. Whatever he wants, I'm game. Let's just get DW2DC.