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Sean McVay's Fiancee Made Sure To Remind The World Right Before The Rams Game That He's Living A Dream Life

Some guys have it all man. Sean McVay is one of those guys. I know that I'm old and I shouldn't be surprised when I see someone near my age be successful like this but it's still wild to see a guy my age being this sort of NFL coach. Shit, there's something already named after him with the McVay effect and teams looking to hire young dudes like him. He's already made a Super Bowl. He had the No. 1 defense in the NFL and he has a SMOKE fiancee. 

Dropping a bikini picture right before the Rams played in Green Bay? Diabolical. It's wild to think that just a few years ago he was a tight ends coach for Washington. A couple years as an OC and then this? Literally a dream life for pretty much everyone. Oh and she even knows that on off days it's still football. 

Hell, his whole life has arguably been a dream life. The man moved from Dayton, Ohio to Georgia. No disrespect to Dayton, Ohio but it's just kinda there. Oh and what did he do at Georgia? Beat out some guy named Calvin Johnson for Mr. Football: 

Having a front row seat to his grandfather as the GM of the Niners dynasty, playing Division I football, being some sort of offensive wizard in the NFL and now soon to marry a smoke. Have a damn life, McVay. Have a damn life. 

PS: We all know a coach/quarterback relationship is the most important thing in the NFL, so it makes sense that his guy Jared Goff has his own perfect girlfriend. 

PPS: There's no chance this happens if they are still the St. Louis Rams. This is 100% because of the LA Rams. You gotta factor that in when a team moves.