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Two Bears Attempt To Rip Each Other's Faces Off Over A Fish




That right there is nature’s equivalent of two drunk guys fighting over a girl at a bar at 1:40am and the bar is about to close.  The lights are gonna come on at any second and Semisonic is gonna start playing on the jukebox.  It’s now or never.  They’ve put in too much work and patience up to that point to simply let somebody else swoop in and rain on their pussy parade/steal their salmon right out from under them.  They’ve stood at that waterfall all goddamn day/bought endless drinks and listened to endless stories with a bullshit smile on their faces.  So much pretending that they care.  All the other bears already have their fish and are back home enjoying a nice dinner/all of the other guys at the bar have already closed the deal and are stopping at the gas station down the street for rubbers.  This is it.  Either get the fish and have a feast or go home hungry/either get the girl and get laid or go home, jerk off into a dirty sock and watch ShamWow infomercials.  If that’s not worth fighting for then I don’t know what is.