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The Barstool Fund - Firehouse Taverna

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You can never go wrong with Firehouse Taverna where they serve all your favorite Greek meals. The owner “keeps his mother’s and grandfather’s memories alive by offering decades old recipes he learned from them, such as the Pastichio.”



Reader Email

Hi my name is Tony Konnaris, Chef and Owner of the Firehouse Taverna, a small family-owned restaurant serving authentic Greek dishes. I have served the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area for more than 25 years. Unfortunately, the restaurant has drastically been impacted due to Covid-19. I ask for your help and support in a time of need. This could mean the difference between keeping our doors open or shutting them for good. 

I came to America with only a few dollars to my name, a passion for cooking and a dream to bring Greek food to the community. With my mother's support and traditional family recipes The Firehouse has become a gem of the Valley. Most of our customers have eaten here since they were kids and now welcome the next generation through our doors. I have been interviewed on Local CBS News (Please watch You tube video i have posted under your video submission) as well as nationally on FOXBusiness News to describe the devastating effects Covid has had on local restaurant owners and the need for support. The clips show the true emotion of what I and so many other business owners are going through. I was able to provide meals to front line workers at Olive View Hospital, the Hospital that took care of my Mother and Father during there last years, a way to give support to the hard working medical team. 

Due to shutting indoor and outdoor dining the restaurant has experienced a decrease in business. I am behind on the water and power bill as well as rent. We have had to cut hours on our employees and sadly they have there own families to feed and rent to pay. Any help is appreciated and would support the restaurant as a whole to help get us through these last months of crisis. 

You are ALL in our prayers. Everyone God Bless and Be Safe.

Tony Konnaris