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What The Fuck Is Happening Here?

I don't need the actual response that Miller is just walking at the same exact speed of the ad banner, just what the fuck is happening here? How do you time that perfectly? It's breaking everyone's brain on Twitter and I get it. Sure, the fact Illinois going up and down half to half is breaking everyone's brain too. They are a damn good team that's uber talented. They just can't guard a PnR to save their life for whatever reason. Yet at the time I write this they are just down 5 after being down over 15. But my man sitting there looking like he's sitting on a conveyor belt just can't happen. Not this early on a Saturday. This needs to happen during the late night Pac-12 game with Walton. Give it to us when we're all a bit toasty and willing to believe a hallucination. Can't have it at 1pm.