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Jack Easterby Takes a Break From Embarrassing the Texans to Talk About Suing SI and the Kraft Family for Defamation

If you're not totally familiar with Jack Easterby, the man who started his NFL career as team chaplain for the Patriots before landing a job with the Texans, then quickly seized power, got Bill O'Brien (who'd hired him) fired, alienated everyone, pilfered Nick Caserio away from New England, made Deshaun Watson demand a trade and whose only defender seems to be one Twitter account that may or may not be his own burner, let me bring you up to speed here, here and here

You might think that's a lot for a guy who only arrived in Houston this time last year. But as with anyone on TV who tries to get the public to buy his bullshit no one asked for or needs, this bulb-headed phony with the insincere grin is now saying, "But wait! There's more!" 

Source - On the eve of the finale of the Texans’ lost 2020 season, Jack Easterby preached. In the preceding weeks, as scrutiny both inside and outside the building swelled around the character coach turned acting GM, Easterby seemed to some to have been keeping a lower profile. But now, he took acting head coach Romeo Crennel’s place at the head of a team meeting.

Easterby delivered a speech that was described in multiple direct accounts as a lengthy missive intended to be rousing. The discourse centered almost entirely on Deshaun Watson, the Texans’ star quarterback ... but to the dismay of many, he did not extend the same attention to: J.J. Watt ... the turmoil that engulfed the organization; the midseason firing of coach Bill O’Brien; or the future of a franchise seeking new leadership. ...

[M]ultiple players texted their representatives that night to describe a meandering address unlike any they’d heard. Others, one source said, left the meeting “pissed off,” believing Easterby’s only intention was to curry favor with the quarterback. Watson, if anything, was embarrassed by the show, two sources said. 

And as if shamelessly sucking up to Watson, ignoring the million pound elephant in the room that is all the chaos he himself has created, and generally humiliating himself wasn’t enough, Easterby chimes in with this bit of, "Now how much would you pay? But wait! There's still more!"

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

The irony here is off the charts. This is a guy who spent his last several years of his time in New England trying to embarrass the very organization that gave a Theology major an unlikely career in pro football. Easterby was the “multiple sources“ in pretty much every hatchet piece you read about the Patriots. That’s just my speculation, but it’s shared by many inside the building at One Patriot Place. And if you have any doubts, ask yourself when was the last time you read a really nasty article about turmoil in the Patriots front office that quotes anonymous sources? If there has been a single one since this jug-eared dork left for Houston, I definitely missed it.

And so here is this good Christian that is willing to bear false witness against his neighbors, claiming that his neighbors a bearing false witness against him. And responding just like Jesus would. By threatening a lawsuit. I mean, we all remember that passage in the New Testament when Christ complained that people were saying bad things about him and threatened to take the Pharisees to Pontius Pilate court.

Just one thing though. When you’re the VP in charge of a pro team and a sports journal writes negative stuff about you and your response is to sue them and your old employer for defamation, that’s probably a pretty good indication you’re not cut out for this line of work. But I’m sure Sports Illustrated and the Kraft family would love the opportunity. Depositions in a civil suit go both ways. And it’d be a great chance to hear what Easterby has to say under oath about the shit he pulled in Foxboro. Bring it on.