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Sweet Jordan’s is more than just a bakery - and the treats aren’t the only things that are sweet. While you're visiting Sweet Jordan's, let your kids enjoy our awesome inside play park complete with fire station, grocery store and, of course, the bakery.



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Our son Jordan is 30 years old. He has downs-syndrome. In rural America, after high school, there's not a lot for special needs adults to do with their time. So we decided to open a bakery, because Jordan loves to bake his Great Great Aunt Ethel's chocolate chip cookies. Word got out and families from everywhere started contacting us in hopes we would employ their special needs son or daughter. We now have 28 special needs adults who are an important part of the team at Sweet Jordan's. People come from all over the United States to see what we're doing…while here, they receive HOPE. The hope that their child one day finds his or her purpose. Not to mention this community will never be the same. Our guests get to experience these special people each day and its truly beautiful to watch the interaction. Due to covid we are behind on rent, sales tax and payroll taxes. We have never stopped paying our team members. We would appreciate any help at all.