Pro Tip- If You're A Groomsman, Don't Do A Backflip During The Reception Entrance And Almost Knockout The Bridesmaid




Ugh.  The dreaded wedding reception entrance when you’re in the wedding party.  Too much pressure for something that is so stupid.  What are you and your bridesmaid/groomsman gonna do?  How can you make it look cool and not awkward?  And, if you’ve never met the other person before, who is this person and are they fun or not?  So many questions, so few answers and then those doors open and it’s show time.  I was in a wedding a couple months ago and didn’t know the bridesmaid I was matched up with so it was weird at first.  But then we got really drunk on the pre-reception party bus, decided that she’d go full-on-hands-on-the-ground and twerk on me for our entrance and it went over like gangbusters.  The crowd went wild.  Parents covering their kids eyes, grandparents keeling over left and right. It killed.  Pretty much the opposite of what happened in that video.  He simply tried to do too much and make it about himself.  Big mistake. Always make it a group effort.  He forgot she was even there and almost killed her.  You knew it was bad when she tried to gather herself and fell again.  Like a boxer telling the ref, “I’m fine.  I’m fine. I took a MASSIVE blow to the head but I’m fine” and then falling to the mat again. You hate to see that happen.