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Shout Out To This Gorilla At The Zoo For Throwing Up The Middle Finger At Photographers

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Metro- This grumpy gorilla is not a photo opportunity. Meet Kera, she’s a big gorilla and she’s DONE with smiling for pictures. Visitors at Bristol Zoo were in for a bit of a surprise when she flipped the bird at them. Kera was just minding her own business, chewing grass and hanging out, when a visitor approached her enclosure. Obviously not up for playing the model, instead Kera just stuck up her middle finger. It was Bob Pritchard, 67, who was given the finger. He said: ‘She really does look a bit cheesed off. Gorillas have fantastic hearing so when I started clicking she must have heard me. ‘She just turned around and it looked like she was flipping me the middle finger.’




Surprising it took this long to be totally honest.  How would you like it if people came day in and day out to look at you in your cage?  Bet you wouldn’t like it at all.  You’d rather be out there with your buddies chasing gorilla pussy, eating bananas and picking things out of each other’s hair.  Not being propped up like some trophy by the dominating species.  At some point you just gotta toss up the bird to let ‘em know how you feel.  Being able to cage animals and charge money for others to see them really is the peak of domination.  Some might say it’s that we eat 4 million chickens a day but I say it’s the existence of zoos.  That’s what separates us, the badass awesome humans, from the lowly gorilla and every other animal on the planet.  We humans can’t be bothered to travel to different parts of the world to see what’s going on.  You know what? Let’s catch the exotic animals and put them all in one place so we don’t have to travel.  Humans stay winning.  Also, people at that zoo need keep a close eye on Kera the middle-finger flipping gorilla.  If it can learn what the middle finger means then it’s not a far leap from that to organizing an uprising against humans.  Just keep your eyes open.