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The Barstool Fund - Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Special thanks to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business… Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works (Middletown, PA)

What started as a dream in the mountains of Afghanistan has now become a brand recognized around the region for quality and innovation. They specialize in hand-crafted, house-made, award-winning beer and spirits.



Reader Email

I started dreaming about opening a brewery while serving in Afghanistan with the US Navy. Once I came back home, I started working on the concept with guys that had been friends of mine since high school. When I left active duty service, I moved my family back home to make the dream a reality. We have put a lot of hard work into a very competitive brewing industry- first opening our main location in Middletown, PA, and then adding two small satellite locations. One of these is in Hershey, and one is in Gettysburg where my 4th great-grandfather fought in the Civil War. We focus on giving back to not only our local community but to our veteran community and have become a hub for local military units and veterans to gather for food, beer, and sharing stories. Once the pandemic hit, tourism all but disappeared and our satellite locations became heavy anchors rather than the wings we wanted them to be. The mitigation efforts have left us to close all indoor dining multiple times this year and limited our seating capacity, effectively shutting down our satellite locations. We know if we can cover the lease payments and continue to employ our hardworking staff, we can make it through this hardship and focus on our future. We have become well known in our area for great beer and spirits, and we have a dedicated customer base who we know will stay with us once these tough times have passed. We have so many ideas for new beverages, marketing, and community outreach and we would love to continue to serve our community.