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Chase Utley And Pat Burrell Had Themselves A Wakeboarding Bromance Over The All-Star Break

Look at Pat The Bat shredding gnars to Cheerleader, sans gimp outfit for some reason. Chase better have stayed the fuck away from that wakeboard. If Utley even touched that thing we would’ve heard both of his knees pop from Philly. However, it looks like it’s still a rough life for The Babe. Real talk: Is there anyone who has it better than Pat The Bat? The man, they myth, the legend. I mean, he had the natural talent to be in the HOF but tried juussssssttttt enough to come off as a decent player. Other than that, it was all booze and broads. The man still got 3 rings (2 as a player, 1 as a “scout”) to go with the billion conquests to his name. Amazing. Long Live The Bat - MUST READ TOP STORIES OF THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAT BURRELL.

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A++++++ drink hold down the slide. That shows heart. If only Pat gave as much effort to hitting the breaking ball as much as he did for getting blitzed.