Armie Hammer Called Himself a ‘Dominant Lover’ in Resurfaced 2013 Playboy Interview

It’s been QUITE a week for Armie Hammer. After alleged graphic messages sent to women leaked, everyone is snooping to try and see if there were signs of this craziness before. It certainly seems like things have escalated recently…an ex girlfriend just spoke to The Daily Mail detailing the abuse and horrific things he would do and say to her, like that he wanted to BARBECUE AND EAT HER RIBS. Yeah. No words to really describe that.

One article from Playboy in 2013 has resurfaced, in which Armie calls himself a, “dominant lover.” Uhhhhhh YA THINK. He also detailed how he likes to grab women by the neck and hair during sex, but had to “change” his sexual appetite as a married man. “Can’t be grabbing your wife’s hair,” he said. That certainly didn’t stop him from finding other women to fulfill his twisted fantasies. It seems like he did not change that appetite at all, in fact, that appetite grew tremendously! 

Armie has called these allegations “bullshit,” but he has already been removed from his next movie. Well, he says he is leaving the movie. I certainly don’t buy that for one second. 

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