This Actress Saying She'll Strip Naked If Lazio Beats Roma Is The Type Of Motivation A Team Needs Before A Rivalry Game

[Sun] - As cited by Corriere dello Sport, she said: "What am I willing to do if Lazio win the derby?

"I'm ready to dress only with a mask and in the event that the social networks were to ban the image, I will wear a mask.

"Let's hope Lazio manage to win, it won't be easy ”.

See, this is the type of encouragement we need over here too. Anna Falchi, who is 48 years old, is a die hard Lazio fan. Lazio is struggling in Serie A right now and going into a rivalry match against Roma. Granted, when you're struggling you shouldn't need inspiration to beat your rival, but now you are playing for all of Anna Falchi's fans too. You know who wants to see Anna in just a mask? Everyone. Who says no? You're not saying no. Don't lie. Hell we were close before: 

A little bit of a tease if you ask me. You can't promise you're going to pose in just a mask and do this. Gotta live up to the word if they beat Roma tomorrow. 

Now we've seen promises like this before: 

Soccer players got it made man. We don't see this in football or basketball or baseball. If this is what it takes for Kentucky to turn it around I promise to strip if they make the NCAA Tournament. Don't call me a hero, just doing what it takes to inspire the team. If it works for Lazio, it can work for Kentucky, right? Goddamnit I just want my teams to be good.