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Who Has More Points This Season, Ovie or Chicago? Who Has More Points Tonight, Makar Or Hughes? Check Out The Latest Spittin' Chiclets Props

I love this play right here. The Team of the Decade vs. The Sniper of the Decade. If you think Ovie will tally more points scoring than the Blackhawks accumulate in the standings, you gotta risk 125 to make 100. But if you think Chicago will end up with more, you'll get back 105 when you risk 100.

This is another fun one we just added. Which one of these young offensive D-men will score more points in his respective game tonight, Cale Makar or Quinn Hughes? If you like Makar, you'll get back 213 for every 100 you risk. If you prefer Grinnelli Hughes, you'll get back 189 for 100. And if you wager that they tie, 100 risk wins 172.

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