Isabel Goulart Put An Absolute BEATDOWN On This Runway Walk

Hey fellas...

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…It moved. It moved. Goddamn legs for DAZE. I love how she's hanging out with some fat slob too. A real common man's man. I mean, I am not the same species as this woman. I mean look at me:

I'm fucking disgusting. There's not a single redeeming quality about me, but I feel like I could roll in her crew if that guy does. That's why I typically hate IG models. They have 3 cars, why do they got 3 cars? I only got one car. That's what true hating's all about. Fuck them and their perfectly sculpted figures, faces and lives.

She was handcrafted by god herself. Don't believe me? Here's a quick pictorial:

That's a woman that starts WARS. Goddamn I gotta hit the gym, not that it will matter in the grand scheme of… anything at all