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We Got An Alternate Angle Of The Bills Fans Fighting During Saturday's Playoff Game That Makes The Knockout Win Even More Impressive And Some Delightful Play-By-Play Commentary

A few thoughts on this new angle from a pretty decent stadium fight from a fanbase that usually does damage to themselves using furniture instead of fists:

1. Everything is always better when it's being announced by someone in the stands and I'm not just saying that because Buffalo Jim Ross confirmed exactly what I said in yesterday's blog. You never grab another man by the hat, which is Day 1 Man Code stuff. It was actually in Commandments 11-20 that Moses never brought down the mountain or hill or whatever it was because he notoriously was a bit of a weakling. 

In addition to that, our Upstate JR did a perfect job both breaking down the action while also letting the fight breathe. Based on his accent and high level play-by-play chops, I have no doubt he is an alum of Syracuse's Newhouse communication school that has given us roughly half of every legendary sports broadcaster and would love to see him announce his own Rough N Rowdy match.

2. As many people noted, the man in black knocking the block off his Zubaz'd counterpart was impressive simply because he overcame the distinct disadvantage of not having the high ground. We all know that no matter how powerful you are, this is what usually happens to someone who tries to attack from the low ground.

However, I am now even more impressed by this Glenny Balls looking motherfucker simply because of how he overcame even more to take home the W by KO. 

Getting tossed down a row of stands then rising like The Undertaker before beating a man until he's limper than Portnoy's legs at the Super Bowl is next level impressive. 

3. Finally, I am merely an outsider weighing in on this, but I think the two guys in the upper row have to turn in their Zubaz for this video, right? You can't throw a guy down a row of seats then get your pepper sauced by him. Just an awful look for not only the top shelf brand of Zubaz but also the wonderful people of Bills Mafia.