Hand Gun Attached To A Drone? Hand Gun Attached To A Drone



Hell yes!  I’m not really a gun guy (the reason being because, if I owned one, I’d be 99.9% more likely to shoot my own face off if a robber kicked in my door at 3am than his. I scare easily and don’t do well under pressure. I’ll take my chances with hand-to-gun combat and probably die) but you bet your ass I’m a drone guy.  Always have been always will be. That was fucking awesome.  Just when you think drones can’t get any better somebody rigs one up with a hand gun and drones get 4000% better.  And people say rednecks aren’t good for anything.  They just took a drone and put a military twist on it.  Yes, I know there are already military drones, but how many of those can you grab the gun off of and use it if need be?  Well there you go.  That drone has it all.  Oh and I can already hear the pussies being like, “Well that’s dangerous” and “That’s a bad idea, they shouldn’t do that.”  GTFO.  Get busy attaching a hand gun to a flying device or get busy dyin’.  That’s what I always say.  I’m always saying that.