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This British Dude Who Hits On Girls Via Instagram Just To Get Their Cable Log-In To Watch Soccer Matches Is The Weirdest Dude Out There

Take it down a notch homie. There's smart and then there's creepy and desperate, this guy falls into that category. You try it once, just to see if it works. If you try it more than that you're asking for a disaster and that's what this guy is dealing with now. Listen, I get it. Sometimes you don't want to pay the $19.99 or whatever it is to get another channel to watch something behind a paywall. There are a million options now to pay for and how to watch shit. Part of me misses the old days of just having cable and getting everything right there. But now you need 42 log-ins to watch The Office, movies, different games. Look last night. What turned into the best game of the night in Kansas/Oklahoma State wasn't even on TV. It sucks. 

Also, my man, you gotta mix up the messages. You can't copy and paste, that's how you get caught. Speaking of old days and copy and paste, remember old school phones and how you'd have to send out a mass text, typically at night to send the classic 'you up?' text. Copy and paste. No names, couldn't risk forgetting to change something. Always just start with hey or hey you. You still didn't get an answer, but talk about different times. 

Here's my problem. Does spending money suck? Yeah, of course. But you know what's easier than DM'ing apparently a million girls on Instagram? Just paying for your own log-in. It's not worth the hassle. Just pay whatever it is and start watching soccer. Pretty simple. That small talk bullshit stinks. I don't enjoy doing it on a daily basis let alone with someone new via Instagram DM. Just pay it man. You're being creepy, not that I think this guy cares. 

Probably an Arsenal or Manchester United fan, if you ask me. 

PS: Since it's 2021 I was convinced this was fake. There are way too many threads like this that come out fake. I had to ask multiple people to think if it was real. I hate that. I miss when anything you saw on the Internet was just real, including AOL chatrooms. It 100% wasn't just guys in there. Still my all-time favorite Internet 1.0 and really just Internet video