Troops Are Snuggled Up In The Capitol Building Giving Folks An Idea Of What Deployments Are Like

 Obviously any true American hates seeing the Capitol building in a state where it needs defending from armed men and women who aren’t the Capitol police. It sucks that this is where we are; we have to work hard so that we won’t be here long.

That being said, I do like the fact that people are seeing what many days of a deployments are like. Time after time when I was in a combat zone, you’d spend the better part of some days just laying around and waiting for something to happen. You’d prepare for a mission, assign overwatch, rest, and then lay there with your weapon between your legs, one boot off and one boot on (so you’d be ready to fly if needed) and avoiding going outside to rip a piss. No one likes to put on vests and shit to piss.

The folks in the Capitol have it pretty, pretty good comparatively but it’s not all cushy. Marble floor is hard, takes forever to warm up, and echos so it’ll never be quiet in there. Some loud-ass junior troop will be flapping his gums until a seniors member losses it and tells him to shut the fuck up.

There will be speculation about how long they will be there, they’ll play card games, and, again, people will try to sleep. Shower stations will be set up but there surely will be a smelly kid or two who will never shower and someone is FOR SURE gonna beat off while everyone is laying there simply so that in 4 months, they’ll be able to say “dude, remember being at the Capitol? Well, I beat off in my sleeping bag one night.”

Boy if I had a nickel.

The worst part? Shaving. These troops are still going to shave. All of them. Shaving and having all that hair clog the drains and pipes of an old ass building. I know Congress is in there voting about impeachment but they need to add more money to the plumbing budget while they are in there. The Capitol is for sure gonna need some new pipes and that’s not even considering the amount of MRE poops the toilets are gonna need to swallow. New pipes and poop knifes. We need them by the truck load in DC.

Lastly, they need some USO entertainment. Someone get Toby Keith on the phone.