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Soooo, Lamar Odom Is Now Officially A Professional Boxer With A Fight On June 12 And Is On The Same Card As Aaron Carter

[Source] - TMZ Sports has learned that the 41-year-old ex-NBA star has inked a deal with Celebrity Boxing ... and will step into the ring on June 12 at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

The 6'10" Odom doesn't currently have an opponent ... but CB creator Damon Feldman tells us he's working on a big-name celeb to duke it out with Lamar. BTW, Odom isn't the only star on the card ... Aaron Carter is also fighting. Like Lamar ... he doesn't yet have an opponent.

Well, why the fuck not? It's kinda wild how people forgot or don't realize that Lamar was a fucking awesome basketball player, not just a reality star guy and then went off the rails. I'm talking he was legit special. You didn't see that many 6'10" dudes with handles like Lamar and the passing ability like Lamar. There's a reason he was the 4th overall pick and won titles and was the 6th Man of the Year. 

But this version of Lamar? Honestly, just good for him for doing something competitive. There could be worse reports out there about what he's doing. All I know is sign me the fuck up for June 12. Lamar Odom vs a TBD opponent and Aaron Carter vs a TBD opponent? I love shitty, celebrity boxing. It's why I watched Nate Robinson got his shit handed to him. I'm a bit scared that will happen to Lamar, hoopers don't have the best reputation in the ring thanks to Nate. 

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We know Aaron Carter is off the damn rails. He hates his brother:

Real question is what Backstreet Boy will step up and defend Nick here. You know outside of Brian they were getting laid because of Nick. It's time for some redemption here. What's Howie up to? Get him in the ring against Aaron Carter with BSB all in his corner. I'll watch that shit so fast since we can't get a BSB vs NSYNC fight. Give me an old school TRL fight but with actual boxing. Also, BSB needs to walk out to this song, clearly their best one: 

That got off the rails fast huh? Anyways, back to Lamar. I have no idea who you get to fight him. He's going to have an advantage with reach since he's 6'10" with freakishly long arms. There's gotta be someone out there that will sign up though, it just has to be a celebrity, preferably another athlete.