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The Barstool Fund - Just Jake's

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Just Jake's is a family-run restaurant and bar with a cozy environment and neighborhood feel. From family dinners to late-night cocktails, Just Jake's has proudly served the Montclair area since 1997.



Reader Email

The original lockdown and recent restrictions have caused our once very profitable business to be a complete money pit. Our bar is 24 years old. My father, Carl Zimmermann is part owner. He grew up in this town, is a retired fire fighter also working in the town of Montclair. This bar has been apart of his for almost 25 years, and he has put hundreds of thousands into it as well. We are staying open only because some of our workers who have been with us 20+ years need this job to make a living. We are losing a ton every day. We have done everything we could but at this current rate we will be lucky to stay open a few more months. We have a ton of good people who have worked their asses off. This place has been profitable every single year we have had it, and very profitable most of the time. We have held numerous benefits at our venues over the years and we have always made a positive impact on the community. We had benefits for 9/11, a local retired MFD member who is suffering from ALS we held a very successful benefit for just last year. We have held benefits for people going through cancer, the list goes on and on. We are a staple in the community, our local football teams coaches would come after every friday night game and spend the night. We would have teachers come hang out for happy hour always during the week. Now none of that exists, we cannot hold our usually live bands on the weekends. Nothing has been the same, our business we need the late night hours, we need the ability to have a crowded bar. We are being left in the dust, and the dust is coming fast.